RubyCon 2011 Boston

Who Are We?

RubyCon 2011 is organized by Boston Technology Center (BTC), a venture of Boston Media Technologies LLC. BTC is dedicated to imparting training and consultancy in emerging technologies to large enterprises and startups. Employee/Individual retraining is one of our major focuses. These services provide more value to the organization and economy. 

Our Technology course range from Java to .Net and SQL to Oracle RAC Training.  Our Ruby on rails Classes include basic knowledge of strings, data types, objects, collection, RAD, Threads, Simple CGI forms, ..etc. We also provide UNIX and Linux Shell Scripting, Linux Administration, and Perl programming. If you are looking for training, and you do not see a  course listed, please contact us, and we can work with you to provide a training for your company.

Our instructors are highly qualified and have years of hands-on experience on the technologies usually with appropriate certifications for the target technology. We deliver our trainings in an engaging way, ensuring that students stay focussed and get enough hands-on experience to walk away with a strong toolbox of skills. We believe that taking an IT training class should be a fun and memorable learning experience.
We conduct several types of classes:

    Private :On Site- or Off-Site Classes for between 3 and 18 students
    Virtual: Web-based Classes using Voice –over IP.
    Public: Our public IT Training Classes are ideal for individual enrollment. For our active training calendar please click here.

For RubyCon 2011 questions please call us at
Tel: (+1) 51 EVENTS 51 – To schedule your class or to ask any questions regarding your training plan! Or send a mail to Stacy Kennedy